a little bit of shipping, and a question

Jun 29, 2011 16:27

Hi everyone! Posting kind of quickly because I have to write a final paper for class tonight, and I haven't started yet. XDD I got distracted by Inception on HBO last night and got nothing done! Have I spoken lately about how much I love Arthur/Eames? BECAUSE I DO. The urge to write porn is too great to resist! I haven't read too much Inception fic (mostly just the porn, lawl) but I get the feeling that the fandom is saturated with Arthur/Eames as the "popular" ship. And that can get old, I know (except in some fandoms, because I will never ever get tired of Holmes/Watson in any form, and they're pretty much the ONLY ship in that fandom, lol). But anyway, I just find them very cute, and the only Inception fic I've written was het, so I think this needs to be amended! XDD Anyway, the plotbunnies are rampant. But homework first. *sigh*

So I was thinking the other day about hosting another ficathon, so I was wondering if any of you guys would want to come play! I know summer is busy for everyone, and a lot of us are working on vacationthon and other such projects. So I wanted to just test the waters and see if anyone was up to it.

My idea is to make it more of a writing challenge, rather than a "get what you prompted" thing. You give a fandom and a prompt only, no characters. Would that be fun, or too hard? Also, would you rather do commentfics or one-sentence fics? Let me know and maybe I'll post it this weekend. :DD

Okayyyy, I guess I should go do my homework. This is the last thing for this class, but I'm just dragging my feet with it. XDD I'll be glad when it's over though, so, TO WORK.

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