Apr 16, 2011 19:54


> Any/all fandoms can be used!
> All prompts must include an OT3 (example prompt: Harry Potter, Harry/Hermione/Ron, not really studying). However, feel free to interpret "OT3" as loosely as you want! It doesn't have to be romantic/shippy/smutty, friendship and bromance and family are good too!
> Feel free to reply to prompts however you want! Fanfics can be as long or as short as you want! If you want to reply with fanart, coolio!
> All ratings are accepted! Just please put the rating somewhere in your reply, so that nobody accidentally reads an NC-17 story if that makes them uncomfortable. :3
> Play nice!
> Share the love! Pimp this sucker where ever you want, invite your friends! (I'm turning off LJ notifications on my phone so it doesn't blow up this time, lol.)
> Have fun and enjoy the OT3 goodness. :D

ot3, fic-a-thon, let's do this thing

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