100 things i love about pop culture - conventions

Jun 18, 2012 21:59

omg it's only 73 more days until Dragon*Con! So close and yet so far away.

I have to say, conventions are amazing things. I've never been to a work-related convention because the idea just boggles my mind, but fandom related conventions are love.

As a fan of so many cult shows, even major cults like Buffy or Star Wars, it's not easy to know when you can bring up your fandoms and not get a weird look. I wear my geekiness with pride on a daily basis, but the days are few and far between when some one acknowledges their presence (like today, I had a young man ask me if there was a new Star Wars book out because he saw all my pins on my badge...and one of our teen volunteers complimented me on my Greendale Community College lanyard)

Conventions are different. They are gatherings of people who are like me - people who love one (or more) silly things so much and they want to express that love and talk about it with like-minded individuals. It doesn't matter who you are standing in line with, chances are they know at least a few Monty Python lines, will get a LOL CATS reference, and might even be able to sing along with you to a Weird Al song.

It's funny, you'd think that going to a convention would make someone feel less special because instead of being the odd geek out, they are one of many. But it is just not the case because of the wide range of people you meet at these events. I swear, no two people experience the same convention. It doesn't matter if it is D*C or SDCC - there is so much going on.

So, if you've ever said to yourself "I should go to such and such a Con someday" make that someday now. They are just so much fun. They are even more fun with friends but I explored a lot of SDCC and my first PAX totally solo and I had a wonderful time mingling with people from all over. I love the way that pop culture can bring so many people together. <3

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