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Mar 20, 2010 17:56

It has been so crazy here. Well, not that crazy, just different. I'm trying to get used to AD having a job and not being home and much and being busy. I'm realizing exacly how spoiled I've been the past few years having him home all the time to do random stuff for me. Time to nut up or shut up and pull my shit together. haha.

I took my car in for it's 60,000 mile inspection on Thursday. They changed the oil, changed the belt, and did some other changing things...and then they found out I had a HUGE oil leak and a cracked motor mount. So I had to drop $1300 on my car. But I really couldn't drive off with it in that kind of condition! Explains the rattling I was hearing. She's all better now, and they hosed her down for good measure (hey, did you guys know I had WHITE hubcaps???) and I put the top down yesterday because the weather here has been gorgeous.

We ran around a bit and looked at a new apartment today. We gotta move further south so AD's commute isn't quite so hellish. Found a place and we're upgrading to a 2-bedroom, 2-bath w/ fireplace. Waiting to hear back from the leasing office next week but I'm sure they will give it to us. So, if anyone wants to help us move next month, sign up now! We will pay you in pizza! (and once we're settled in, you out of towners are welcome to stop by because we'll actually have a second room! Sure it will be full of star wars toys and musical instruments but still...) I had a freak out moment as we were getting the money order to hold the apartment - I do not deal well with change especially sudden change, but i'm feeling MUCH better about it now. We'll probably only be there for two years at most and then perhaps we can really get a place of our own to do with as we please. *crosses fingers*

Other than that, my waking hours have mostly been filled with DragonAge: Origins - Awakenings!!!!!!! Aurelia was the only character I had completed DA:O with so I only imported her (it would have let me import Natia, my warrior dwarf but she's not ready yet).

- Anders. How can I NOT flirt with a character named ANDERS? Do I sense some BSG love from Bioware or were they just going through the "Name Your Baby" book in alphabetical order.

- Anders reminds me of Russell Brand. I don't know why. Maybe because he is horny ALL THE TIME. And weilds magical powers.

- LOL @ BIOWARE for pushing out all the little blurbs on Mahari (or whatever her name was) and them having her die during the joining. I assume that happens in all the games.

- I kept Nathaniel alive and he's on my team now. Anytime I find anything Howe related, I give it to him and he likes me more and more. I'm hoping to have him and Anders fighting over Aurelia by the end of the game.

- I gave Anders the kitty I found in the alley - "Sir Pounce-a-Lot". I'm going to have to take a cue from faeriesfolly and start making note of some of these quotes, too funny.

- I already flirted a bit with Anders when he was talking about the life he wanted with a beautiful woman. I was all "Beautiful woman. Right here." HA! Aurelia does not play hard to get.

- So far, I approve of the game. Not sure what the deal is with Runecrafting yet. I've been spending most of my talent points by topping off talent trees I started in DA:O.

- I tried to go and save the farm lady that send me a note while I was at the Vigil but she was already dead. Did anyone run to the farm first thing and save her? I've got another quest that I promised I would do right away and now I'm worried I might have daudled too much and they will have all been slaughtered. Frakkin' darkspawn.

- OH and what is this 2011 flier inside the box??? DragonAge 2????? AIEEEE! At this rate, I'm only ever going ot play Bioware games for the next 2 years!

OH and I got my copy of Mass Effect back from destertale and I've started a game on there. My new girl, Griddie Shepard, is a badass. Though I'm totally challenged when it comes to combat right now since the controls are pretty different from ME2. But I'm slowly getting the hang of it. Just got Garrus on my team, yay! I really do not remember this game at all. I must not have played as much as I thought the first time around.

And PAX is just days away! Less than a week. I fly up to Boston on Thursday with my brother. I need to look through the schedule and make a plan of attack. Bioware guy already said he would be tweeting about free swag so I need add a link to that specific feed on my iPhone so I can stalk him. I mean, I'm there all 3 days, I should be able to find him at least once!!!

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