threw off my groove

Mar 24, 2021 21:45

Wow, I was on a ROLL there for awhile, posting almost every day of the work week, cross-posting to here and tumblr...and then somehow all my motivation went *poof* at the start of March.

Maybe it was because it was my birthday month. My body also decided to do some weird stuff. And work is kind of getting "real" again because we are moving towards reopening (though a lot of that drama should go away soon now that the county gave us vaccines for library staff woohoo!!!)

I've been spending a lot of my time on Discord with all the groups on there, I've four VERY active servers I belong to and we have little online game nights and what not, or just chatting. And then watching streams on YouTube and Twitch.

A few of the games I Kickstarted arrived this past week and one of them was FULL of minis and I want to paint them so I've spent a few evenings just happily priming little tiny ships. Hoping to finish a few this weekend and post the final product.

Anyway, I feel like I'm not doing the best job at keeping up with posts here, so my apologies. I might need to do a unfriending, more to remove personal guilt of feeling like I should be reading people's entries and I'm just not. It's not you, it's me kind of thing.

I'm hoping to find some kind of groove again, a pattern where I can get myself to work out, do a hobby, do a bit of blogging, gaming etc. each day of the week. Oh and reading LOL I need to read all these books I have piled by my desk!!!

Hope everyone is well! I have been reading entries here and there, sorry if I didn't comment, it just felt like I needed to catch up at this point.


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