PAX East 2020 update soon

Mar 04, 2020 12:13

Flickr is being weird about uploading my photos (I didn't bother to edit before I hit upload so it is taking a LONG time and I keep seeing things I probably should have deleted but oh well).

So, in the mean time, here is the ONE panel I went to with my beloved Dicebreaker crew talking about ridiculous D&D characters.

I don't actually play D&D - all of my experience has been through watching YouTube playthroughs of OutsideXbox and Dicebreaker. BUT my friend has never played or seen it at all and he was cracking up, so really this is just about silly character designs. And it is also educational! Look, just sit back and watch these lovely people be silly for 45 minutes. You might even hear my laughing (oh god, I hope not...I was right next to the camera's weird because the video is from the exact angle I was sitting so it is almost like a video of my memories)

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