home stretch - 1 week to PAX East

Feb 19, 2020 23:47

1 week until PAX East!

Sony surprised everyone today by CANCELLING. They are saying that the coronavirus is making conventions too dangerous for their staff. It's an interesting choice and perhaps they had a lot of outcry from their people so I'm glad they are taking care of their own, but kind of a bummer.

On the flip side though, I usually don't bother with the big name guys anyway - I'm going to see those games EVERYWHERE so I don't need to preview them at PAX. I like looking at the indie games by smaller publishers and designers who don't have the ability to take out huge ads and what not.

Ugh, I need to get to bed. Meeting first thing in the morning with the management team, I'm debating picking up a box of munchkins...it isn't expected but I could use them as an excuse for the sugary goodness to start my day.

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