fandom and entitlement in the digital age

May 28, 2019 22:21

This is a bit of a mini-rant but I was finally able to put my finger on one of my angry!fangirl triggers and it is entitlement.

For example: I wasn't a big fan of the finale of Game of Thrones. We've discussed it on here, my coworkers and I have discussed it, the whole world has discussed it.

THAT IS GOOD. That is what entertainment should do - start discussions. Even something as frustrating as the finale of a series, the one good thing it brings is discussion. Yeah, we were upset, angry, frustrated, and we all talked about it and it was great.

But then things got mean. People started petitions to re-write and re-film the show. First, it is insulting to everyone that worked on this show (I think
rhoda_rants might have been the one to tweet this) - these people spent years writing, filming, editing, and more to create this show for us. They were paid to do their job and they did. HBO is NOT going to pay them to do it over. The show is over, the series is done.

Second, it is just so entitled and immature to demand that the artist remake THEIR story in YOUR vision. Yeah, their vision might have been poorly thrown together, a mess, not beta-tested, but it was their story. The end. Don't like it? That's fine. Tell people not to watch the show. Lament the mistakes. But how RUDE to demand such a thing.

One of the people I follow in Twitter (a random Star Wars fan that I'm still not 100% sure how I ended up following) has turned in to one of the whiny fanboys about the latest trilogy and it drives me crazy, but he mentioned GoT and Last Jedi in the same tweet and it made me realize something - one man's trash is another woman's really enjoyed Star Wars movie. How do we know there are not fans out there who liked GoTs ending? They might exist, but the constant screams of other fans have drowned them out. But should we make them feel bad about it?

I really enjoyed TFA and TLJ. Yeah TLJ has flaws, but I really enjoyed watching the story unfold. He tweeted something the other day about how the 'Rise of Skywalker' trailer looked like they would "apologize to fans" for what they did in TLJ and, again, that entitlement, that taking it personally. Star Wars is a franchise enjoyed by millions of people. For you to claim that your experience with the series is THE defining experience and therefore if you did not like the latest movie, the artists owe YOU an apology for not enjoying THEIR's childish.

He's gone on some other tangent now about corporations owning the intellectual property and hiring "mercenary artists" to do their work and I feel like I might be done because that phrase is just very nasty sounding and sounds like he is done talking now. This happened before when we tried to discuss TLJ because he hit a ridiculous level and I decided not to follow.

*phew* sorry. It has just been bothering me and I keep responding. We're debating and it is a civil conversation but for some reason it just annoys me no end. Maybe it is because of the internet and that we have access to show creators in a way we didn't before and people abuse that power.

okay, done now. I think I'll play Monster Prom and clear my head a bit :P

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