ONE DAY MORE!!!!! (until my PAX East 2019 roadtrip)

Mar 25, 2019 22:27


Well, almost. One more day. Gotta get through tomorrow and then THEN we will all pile into the car and drive up to Boston! And by all I mean myself, my husband, and our two friends Mathew and Zac.

I think this is Zac's first real con (he's 22, I don't think he has any idea what I got him into but kudos to him for coming along with us old people LOL). It's going to be fun watching him experience it all too. He was already rolling his eyes at me at work today saying "omg, usually I only have to deal with you for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week!!!"

I am so excited. I could not concentrate at work today, just thinking about how PAX is right around the corner, so close, I've been waiting since October (when I bought all 4 days of badges) and now it is finally here! The last time I went was 2013 and that was only for ONE day. THIS IS ALL 4 DAYS!

For those of you that don't know what the heck PAX East is, it is a gaming convention. A big one. There will be exhibitors, ranging from big names like Nintendo and Bethesda, to little indie developers just so happy to meet you and have you play there game.

There will be vendors with geeky things.

There will be panels with serious discussions about gaming and not-so-serious discussions (like the live D&D game I am going to see Thursday night).

There will be loads of games to try and play, from classics on the Atari to an entire room dedicated to VR systems. And tabletop games too!

And, of course, as you know because I can't shut up about it, the Outside Xbox and Outside Xtra crew will be there PLUS Johnny Chiodini - the only YouTube channel and my favorite British gamers. I just want to give them all big hugs. But I will settle from grinning like an idiot from a distance and then getting their autographs later.

BONUS: I am also looking forward to not being home and being so inundated with geekery that I can't even begin to think about work and what not. AND not having to make dinner! HAHA! It will be expensive but going out to eat for a few nights and not having to cook will make it all worth it, I don't care how many subs or pizzas I eat (I heard there is a grilled cheese food truck that parks outside the convention center...I hope it is there this year).

Probably won't be posting much here, but if you want to follow my adventures this weekend, feel free to add me on Twitter and/or Instagram.

I might post to my Wordpress blog (just because the editor on my phone is better than trying to post to DW/LJ) so feel free to add me there too, if you want, though those posts will also be tweeted.

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