diagnosis: headcrabing

Mar 15, 2019 22:51

I've got about 70 emails in my inbox of posts I need to read but I was distracted today because one of the games I've had on my Steam wishlist for awhile is the "Free to play" for the weekend game!

If you have Steam and like management sims games with a sense of humor, give Two Point Hospital a try. It's simultaneously cracking me up to find out a patient has literal "verbal diarrhea" and watching the janitor run to clean it up then frantically clicking as I realize I need to build a facility that can handle the treatment and hire another nurse!

I'm working tomorrow so I'll probably sneak a peak at the ol' flist if it is quiet on the desk. On Saturdays, I tend to just take it easy at work, it's hard to focus on the weekends. Plus, we are usually pretty busy anyway so there's no point working on real projects when you know you're going to be called out to the desk every few minutes.

I was bad and just ordered yet another t-shirt, but I NEEDED it because Outside Xbox made a special commemorative PAX East 2019 shirt!! Problem is, I even went the extra mile and tried to pay for rush shipping but there is either a glitch in the system or they know they can't guarantee delivery so it wouldn't charge me for the rush shipping. I submitted a ticket but it got my hopes up that maybe I could bring it with my to PAX for them to autograph. Ah well.

Okay, going to sneak in a few more minutes of hospital management before I need to get to bed.

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