I did not know those words could be used together to create such an insult

Aug 13, 2018 23:03

I love my husband. He's a pretty chill guy, a nice foil to my over-excited self. He's good at staying level headed in most situations. He's a librarian too, so pretty quiet overall with an introvert streak.

But oh my god, when he plays the Madden football video game, you would not believe the strings of profanity he screams at his team when they make a mistake LOL

And he is so sudden with his screams, he makes me jump! I mean, I was DOWNSTAIRS and I heard him yell out. Cat jumped up off the couch in terror.

Only problem is, he does seem to be a bit cranky after a rough game. Takes him awhile to even back out, he kinda pouts for a bit.

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