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Jun 22, 2018 21:46

Well, I survived the start of our summer programs AND early voting at the library, huzzah! Since the voting machines were set up in the library's meeting room, we had to do our preschool aged programs on the public floor, which was an adventure. I had the toddler program this week and they are already an easily distracted bunch so having them in the children's area was like torture for them because they wanted to run around and touch everything. But we got through it and they all seemed to have fun. I was even brave and sang "Los Pollitos" in Spanish and I also played a couple songs on the ukulele (I mean, they only had two chords but still!) So it was nice. That was my last PreK program for a few months, we all take turns so we only have to do them about twice a year. Next week I will be on an interview panel for new library associates so that will be a whole different world. Which is what I love about my job.

Working tomorrow BUT I'm skipping out early because PARAMORE!!!!!! It was a last minute decision but we did get seats in the pavilion (they may or may not be covered...so hopefully it stops raining) and it should be a blast. I've seen them live a few times and they never disappoint. Foster the People is touring with them so they should be fun to listen to. A band called "Soccer Mommy" is opening...I need to go download their album on Spotify and see if I like it.

I've also gotten into this bad habit of using Twitter again. I barely used to log on, but the past week I've had it open at work all day. It is a bad thing to do, with the shitstorm that is our country right now. I mean, things are bad enough, but Twitter just makes all the ignorant come to the top. There have been a few nice surprises though - a band I used to listen to years ago, Rockwell Church (it just happens to be their last names, they are not a religious band lol) anyway, they happened to be hanging out together and played a few songs and posted them to twitter and it just made my morning. I almost cried while sitting at my desk. I really should listen to their stuff again, but the music is tangled up with so many emotions from my previous relationship. He was the one that introduced me to them, we saw them in concert so many times...but they do have some great songs and I'm a sucker for guys with an acoustic guitar.

And apparently Panic! At the Disco released an album today too so I need to download that as well. (Have I mentioned I finally got the premium plan with Spotify? Oh wait, yes I did because I had you all suggest music and THANK YOU so much for that. Anyway it is so worth it).

I have TV shows to talk about but I think they will get there own post because so many things...

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