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Mar 07, 2015 23:02

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! It has been quite a week, bit of a blur.

Because of ice/cold we had a delayed opening on Monday at work so that day was screwy. Tuesday was a scare of ice in the evening and I was perturbed at how our upper management handled it (but saying at 2pm they were not going to close, even though the week before they told us how staff safety is important). I was very angry as I slid out of the parking lot at 5pm knowing my friends were stuck there until 9pm as the freezing rain pelted my car.

BUT the bright side is that my awesome coworkers did my birthday party on Tuesday! We do birthday buddies and you are supposed to request a cake and ice cream flavor but I learned long ago that the world is full of MANY cake flavors, so I always just put "YES!" or "delicious" next to the cake option and hope for the best. This year was not a disappointment as my buddy made a tasty chocolate cherry cake. OMG SO GOOD! She used a recipe from Cake Mix Doctor and said you just don't use any liquids, just chocolate cake mix, an egg and cherry pie filling. And then make real chocolate frosting by melting chocolate chips. I won't lie, I had two pieces haha. Plus, she found the most awesome card for me:

That right there is an officially licensed Star Wars product which features dogs in Star Wars costumes.

I took off my birthday because that is how I roll now. I didn't want to do anything productive but with the threat of snow looming, I did run out and get milk and some other dinner items just in case. Tim came home early and we went to my parents' place and then we all went to Pasta Plus one of the best Italian restaurants in the area. We had calamari and oysters with mozzarella and spinach as appetizers and I had veal scallopine sinatra for dinner and finished it all off with a cappuccino and a cannoli (the waiter mocked my excitement over the cannoli, he doesn't understand that I ONLY eat cannoli at Italian restaurants).

My mom bought me a proper hand mixer so I can throw away my 1970s model that falls apart while mixing (made the process of making cookies a bit too exciting). She also got me a cast iron skillet, which I've wanted because that appears to be the key to making steak when you have no grill. And a $100 gift card to ModCloth.com which I am going to sit on until they have an epic sale or something so I can get the most for it haha. Though I am so tempted to just buy some shoes and move on. We will see.

They also got me this awesome shirt which is now my favorite shirt:

Favorite book = favorite shirt. I love that cover, that is the cover of the first edition I read.

Tim got me an external drive for my Xbox One since I'm already making progress on filling up what drive (and with the announcement of Rock Band 4, I am going to need all the space I can get!).

Sylvia made me a collage of all the things I love:

And Carol got me The LEGO Movie on blu-ray which I immediately put into the player and watched the outtakes extras. It has COMMENTARY! I am so listening to that soon...after I get through the parks and recreation commentary tracks.

Anyway, good times. I feel like I've had my quota of snow days now so I'm ready for spring. And I'm about to lose an hour of sleep to daylight savings, blah. Tim is working tomorrow 1-5pm which means I have the apartment to myself hehe. Oh what to do what to do...watch commentary, binge watch another series, play Sims, plays Xbox...my life is so hard LOL.

I leave you with the birthday card my parent's got me because it is very relevant:

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