Коррупции в австрашке нет

Sep 05, 2017 09:05

Совсем нет.

Честные, открытые, демократические проекты.
"The Andrews government is trying to keep Victorians in the dark on doubts over the proposed West Gate Tunnel, relying in part on a precedent of confidentiality set by former premier Denis Napthine during his failed bid for the East West Link.

The premise is being used to deny the government's own hand-picked experts access to a review of traffic predictions ..."
"The report by New Zealand transport expert John Allard is critical of traffic modelling done by project builder Transurban and the government.

That modelling helped Premier Daniel Andrews justify his support for the toll road...

Despite Mr Allard's report and equally negative findings of another government-appointed consultant who reviewed the plan, the road is proceeding.

The move to keep the negative report confidential leaves government-appointed experts in the unusual position of having to decide whether to force its release.

The panel of planning and transport experts on Friday heard arguments on why the review the government commissioned must stay secret."

zog, сраная австрашка, пидоры, говномент

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