Drabble: Junior (AtS: Connor/Faith, PG-13, S5 - Salvage)

Jan 30, 2012 18:28

Title: Junior
A/N: 100 words written for the First Meeting(s) prompt at open_on_sunday. Spoiled for AtS: Salvage.

Connor is barely grown-up. Stupid puppy, more anger and libido than anything else. Faith knows the attitude, recognizes the snarl on his heavy mouth and the way he crowds close. He wants to throw himself against the baddest son of a bitch he can find. Faith recognizes the flavor of that rage. Connor wants to burn out.

He's waiting for her to knock him down. He wants to grapple, his hands on her body. She could bloody his nose and break his ribs, and he'd get right back up and beg her to hurt him just a little bit more.

connor/faith, connor, faith, ats4

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