Omona Original: KPop Music Video Tropes Pt. 1 - A Sandy Desert Locale

Aug 12, 2021 06:12

There is a sister post with the same theme over on ONTD.

Kpop is somehow known for both its incredibly high production values with creative video concepts and also for making a lot of the same music videos with the same themes over and over again. I want to look at the latter. So here to kick off part 1 of my series on music video tropes in KPop - today we're looking at plotless but dancey desert videos!

Red Velvet - Ice Cream Cake

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Just the Red Velvet girls having a weird dessert desert get together without a single other soul in sight. Nothing weeeiiirrrd about that.

NCT 127 - Highway To Heaven

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This video has everything - desert, choreography, a highway, desert, desert, and some desert!

Taemin - Drip Drop

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Name a more iconic desert Kpop music video! I'll wait.

Seventeen - Don't Wanna Cry

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They don't want to cry because they can't spare the moisture! This is really a 2 for 1 video because we also get a classic roof-top choreography video as well!

Lee Hyori - Black

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Hyori has been at it for decades - sometimes you just gotta go with what works! Deserts. Deserts work.

Ateez - Pirate King

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You can also find Ateez in the desert in their videos for "Fireworks" and "Treasure" - somebody should maybe see if they need help navigating out of there?

Winner - SOSO

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We see some other tried and true tropes in this one - like Mino being "1 against the crowd" in the beginning. And the baffling Kpop trope of - being tied by like a million ropes/chains/tethers in an otherwise completely open space??? Also a burning car. Actually this video by Winner is basically a perfect encyclopaedia of Kpop video tropes!

Other Kpop Videos Starring the Desert:
SF9 - O Sole Mio
Everglow - Adios
BTS - Save Me
+ 6 million others

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