Логика коронабесов

Sep 16, 2021 22:04

В солнечной Америке от коронавируса умерла очередная любительница прививок

"The family of a fully vaccinated Illinois woman who died from COVID-19 has blamed the millions of unvaccinated Americans for her death.

Candace Ayers, 66, of Springfield, was vaccinated with the Moderna shot in March along with her husband Terry before being infected with the virus. She died six months later, on September 3 at HSHS St. John’s Hospital.

Her family published an obituary which stated: 'She was preceded in death by more than 4,531,799 others infected with Covid-19.

'She was vaccinated but was infected by others who chose not to be. The cost was her life.'

Her son Marc believes that his mother contracted the virus in July after she and his father went to visit a friend, whose husband died of COVID-19, in Mississippi, where the vaccination rate is only 42%, according to the state's health website.

It is incredibly rare for fully vaccinated Americans to contract a severe breakthrough case of COVID-19 and to die from the disease - and those who have had the shot have less than one in 13,000 chance of a severe breakthrough infection, according to a DailyMail.com analysis of data from the CDC.

More than 99 percent of COVID hospitalizations and deaths in the US since January 2021 have occurred in unvaccinated people.

But of the patients with breakthrough infections who do require hospital care, they are likely to be older or to suffer from three or more underlying medical conditions, such as obesity, gastrointestinal diseases and neurological conditions.

It's not clear if Ayers had any of those underlying health conditions, but her son said that family were concerned for his mother's health ahead of her trip to Mississippi because she had severe rheumatoid arthritis - where the body's immune system attacks its own tissue.

'This all could have been avoided,' Marc Ayers told CNN.

'This could have been prevented by a few acts of kindness. They were in a state that had one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country. Getting a vaccine and wearing a mask for others ... had this been done, she would be here today.'

In early August, he had posted on Facebook urging for people to get vaccinated after both of his fully vaccinated parents had contracted COVID.

'If you’re able to get vaccinated and/or wear a mask but refuse to, just know that your selfish actions are threating (sic) the lives of others,' he said in the post.

'We were responsible, we wore masks indoors, and were so happy to have received a full vaccine so we could exit this pandemic and move on with our lives. Unfortunately some of you bought into the political nature of this crisis and threatened the lives of my family.'

Ayers told USA Today his mother got tested after feeling fatigued on the way home from the trip.

Following his mother's diagnosis, she was admitted to the hospital and was given antibiotics for her symptoms.

She later returned a few days later and was hospitalized for a month with three weeks on a ventilator and developed sepsis.

After suffering severe lung damage, the ventilator was removed and she passed away.

In her obituary, statistics of the COVID-19 death toll were used to further encourage the unvaccinated which was met with mixed responses.

'It's been really wonderful to hear from friends and strangers regarding the obituary,' Ayers told CNN.

'Because of our story, people have told us they are getting vaccinated.

'Of course, there are negative comments as well, but the majority has been positive.'

The obituary reads that Ayers was 'born on June 28, 1955 in Mobile, Alabama, the daughter of Thomas and Beverly Kruger. Candy was an Air Force brat and lived a short time in Okinawa, Japan where her father was stationed on a military base with her mother. She married Terry Gene Ayers on October 7, 1978.

'Candy graduated from Pawnee High School in 1973. She was an orthodontic assistant for Drs. Sternstein, Bernardy & Groesch for many years before deciding to be a stay-at-home mom to raise her children. After her children were grown, she went back to work for five years at St. John’s Prairie Heart Institute at the Cardiac Cath Lab.

'Candy enjoyed most importantly: Her cup of morning coffee. It had to be the very first thing that touched her lips in the morning and there was never a day that there wasn’t a pot brewing. She loved her soap operas and reality tv and has passed that addiction onto her daughter. She also had a fine knack for speaking her mind, a great eye for detail, an amazing ability to organize, and was quite possibly the best mom, wife, and Gagi in the entire world.

'She is survived by her loving husband of nearly 43 years, Terry of Springfield; her children Marc (Samantha) Ayers of Springfield, and Amanda Foster and her triplet 5-year-old grandchildren Andie, Daniel, and Charlotte Foster of Springfield who were the loves of her life,' the obituary read.

According to the Illinois Department of Health, a total of 14,241,348 doses have been administered in the state of Illinois.

In terms of the fully vaccinated, 6,896,869 people in Illinois have been fully vaccinated accounting for 54.13% of the population.

There have been 1,728 hospitalizations of fully vaccinated Illinois residents with 432 deaths related to COVID-19 causes or complications.

According to Our World and Data, 382 million doses have been administered in the U.S.

180 million U.S. residents are currently fully vaccinated accounting for 54.7% of the population.

Approximately 63% of the U.S. population has received at least one dose."

Коротко переведём...
Кандас Айер из Иллинойса было 66 лет, она родилась в в 1955г., вышла замуж в 1978г., родила сына Марка и дочь Аманду...
Кстати у Аманды сама родила тройню, то есть у Кандас было трое пятилетних внуков и внучек...
Ещё у неё был муж Тери, с которым она прожила 43 года...
Жила бы видимо и дальше, но в марте 2021г. она вместе с мужем сделали себе прививки Модерны, чтобы они их защитили от коронавируса...
Уже в июле они с мужем естественно заболели корнавирусом, от которого прививались, весь август Кандас провела в больнице на искуственной вентиляции лёгких и третьего сентебря умерла...
Казалось бы, какой логический вывод должна была сделать её семья из этой истории???
Наверное, что все эти прививки от короны полное говно, при этом очень опасное...
Ну это если бы мыслил обычный человек...
А вот в семье Кандас к сожалению одни коронабесы..
Сын Марк опубликовал целое возвание к американцам по этому поводу...
Оказывается его полностью привитые родители умерли не от того, что кололи в себя всякую гадость, а от того, что их заразили несознательные непривитые американцы...
То есть его родители постоянно носили намордники от короны и были полностью привиты, при этом оба они заболели, а мама даже умерла...
А виноваты в этом те, кто не привился и намордники не носит...
Пиздец логика...
Да это ведь непривитые и без намордников должны были бы болеть и умирать, Марк!!!
А твои папа с мамой были защищены прививкой!!!
И плюс они всё время были в намордниках!!!
Что, блядь, вам коронабесам от нас ещё нужно???
Вы всё в себя вкололи уже!!!
Намордники нацепили!!!
Так отъебись наконец, Марк, от нормальных людей!!!
Живите вы, ебанутые, как хотите, мы же к вам не лезем!!!
Носите свои хоть противогазы, хоть костюмы химзащиты, колитесь своим говном хоть каждую неделю, только от нас отъебитесь!!!
Заебали, мудаки!!!
Эти пидарасы в конце августа высадили из самолёта Олдфишера со старшим сыном, когда мы летели из Ванкувера домой в Оттаву!!!
Там ёбнутые китайцы перед взлётом заистерили, стюардессы вызвали полицаев и нас вывели!!!
Из за ёбаных намордников!!!
При этом когда мы летели из Оттавы в Ванкувер этой же авиакомпанией, то тоже летели без намордников, но не было китайцев-коронабесов и всё прошло отлично...
В итоге Олдфишер попал на деньги, но зато посмотрел дополнительную неделю Ванкувер...
Если кто либо из этих китайцев уже сдох за это время от прививок и намордников, то наверняка они будут причитать, что заразились в самолёте из за нас...
Вы заебали!!!
У вас логика совершенно вывернутая наизнанку!!!
Вам надо головы ваши лечить, а не зельем ширяться!!!
Где от вас, мудаков, укрыться нормальным людям???
Кстати Олдфишера внесли в чёрный список этой компании, обратно мы летели поэтому через неделю самолётом другой компании и летели без масок!!!
Потому что там не было китайцев-коронабесов на борты, зато там было много арабов, которым по херу на всё это безумие, они там сами многие без масок сидели...

На фото умершая от короны полностью привитая и носившая намордник Кандас...

Ещё в статье приводится статистика...
55% американцев уже вкололи в себя по две вакцины...
63% вкололи как минимум одну...

их нравы, коронабесие

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