Ludacris Donates to a Black Father-Daughter Software Developer Tech Duo to Help the Incarcerated 🥰

Oct 27, 2021 22:46

- father Antoine and his daughter Jay Jay worked together to create Photo Patch, an app that makes it easier for children to communicate with their parents and loved ones who may be incarcerated.
- Communication for these families can be very difficult and expensive to send letters and mail, through donations, Photo Patch allows those to dictate, upload photos, and type letters and then it gets shipped to their loved ones for free!
- the inspiration of the app came from when Antoine was incarcerated at age 20 while his daughter was 3 and he still wanted to be involved and help her with homework, etc. but the snail mail and infrequent phone calls can were difficult
- Antoine learned to code while in prison and when released taught Jay Jay how to code
- Jay Jay built the app at age 12! 12! 12! 12! 11+1! 14-2! 278-266! (Go head, Black girl, go head!)
- they've helped over 70,000 families stay connected and have send over 1,000,000 photos and letters
- oh wait! they're not done! both have now starting teaching others how to code, teaching 8000 students!
- Jay Jay is on a mission to help 10,000 girls of color enter the world of tech
- Ludacris surprised the stellar team and donated 10,000 to the Photo Patch Foundation when they were invited to appear on The Ellen Show
- OP may or may not have cried during watching this video

Sources: Ludacris Foundation IG, The Ellen Show YT

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