ONTD Quiz: Which "Rock of Love" Cast Member Should You Go as For Halloween?

Oct 21, 2021 18:49

Hey, you: you only have a week or so to pick your Halloween costume! Why not take this quiz to find out which Rock of Love cast member you should be! This is the follow-up to the previous quiz, Which Flavor of Love Cast Member Should You Be For Halloween?

1. What is one accessory you always grab before you leave the house?

A) My bandana
B) My hairspray
C) Some red hair dye
D) My tiny dog
E) Some blonde hair extensions
F) My stripper pole (I take it everywhere.)

2. What is your idea of a romantic date?

A) Taking my date shopping in a stripper store
B) Getting a tattoo of my date's name
C) Singing a rock song, badly
D) Getting a guy to buy me stuff
E) Getting wasted with my girlfriends
F) Stripping

3. What would you do to win a competition?

A) I don't have to compete, I am the prize!
B) Call another girl a slut in front of her dad
C) Be a bitch in general
D) Sabotage the competitors
E) Team up with my girlfriends
F) Take off my clothes

4. What is your favorite meal?

A) I'm diabetic, so I have to be careful what I eat
B) Oysters
C) Anything vegan
D) Anything expensive
E) Not basil. People who eat basil are LAME.
F) French cuisine

5. What is your favorite music?

A) My own songs
B) "I'm In Love With A Stripper," T-Pain
C) Female metal songs
D) "Gold Digger," Kanye West
E) "'Cause I'm A Blonde," Julie Brown
F) "Je suis amoreux d'une strippeuse," T-Pain

6. Describe your outfit.

A) A cowboy hat, an Ed Hardy shirt, and cowboy boots
B) My fanciest stripper evening gown
C) A black mini dress and spiky leather jewelry
D) A bikini and a tiny dog as an accessory
E) A giant bow and skull jewelry.
F) A pink bra and panties

7. What are you best known for?

A) Being sexxxy
B) Stripping and my bad hair
C) Being a bitch
D) Being rich and hot
E) Being blonde
F) Stripping

8. What are you up to now?

A) Being a slightly less sexxxy C-lister
B) Unsuccessfully clinging to D-list fame
C) Successfully clinging to D-list fame
D) Being rich and hot
E) Being blonde
F) Stripping

Mostly A's: Bret Michaels

Lucky you! You get to go as rock icon Bret Michaels. Grab the cheapest blonde wig you can find, a hat from the 80s, and go to your local group of Bloods to borrow a red bandana. If you have an Ed Hardy shirt, bonus points.

Mostly B's: Heather

To suit your 80s stipper predilictions, go as our favorite runner-up, Heather. All you need is a nasty dress from a local stripper shop, lots of Aquanet, and a fake tattoo of "BRET" in a 2000s gothic font on your neck.

Mostly C's: Lacey

Do you have a leftover red Ariel wig lying around? Just draw some black streaks in it with permanent marker, then head to your nearest Hot Topic to load up on leather jewelry that only a fake punk like you would weark

Mostly D's: Megan

Megan is probably the easiest costume, as all you have to do is throw on a bikini, stuff the top with fake money, and kidnap someone's tiny dog to carry around for the night.

Mostly E's: The Blondtourage

Grab some girlfriends and go as The Blondtourage! You all need blonde wigs loaded with hairspray, the highest heels you can find, and some twee jewelry that a 2000s scene girl would wear for her edgy MySpace photoshoot.

Mostly F's: Frenchy, aka Angelique!

Oh là là! Tu es la strippeuse la plus nastée du monde! Slip on a pink lingerie set, some stripper heels, and borrow Bret's nasty blonde weave to go as Frenchy, our favorite ~continental~ stripper!

source: me having no life

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