Titans, Doom Patrol and Pennyworth renewed for new season on HBO Max

Oct 17, 2021 02:19

we go again! #DCFanDome #DCTitans pic.twitter.com/MX0qUnI8KS
- DC Titans on Max (@DCTitans) October 16, 2021

It was announced today at DC Fandome that Doom Patrol and Titans have been renewed for their 4th season on HBO Max. Pennyworth (the Alfred Pennyworth prequel) has also been renewed for a 3rd season moving from its previous home Epix to HBO Max

Season 4?! Maji ka yo! #DCFanDome #DoomPatrol pic.twitter.com/dG7ttovrJ0
- Doom Patrol (@DCDoomPatrol) October 16, 2021

Alfred is back and he’s got a new home. Pennyworth Season 3 premieres on HBO Max in 2022. #DCFanDome pic.twitter.com/dtmwq2SelR
- HBO Max (@hbomax) October 16, 2021

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