TikToker Connor Wood Tells Pal Shawn Mendes That "It's Giving Cher"

Oct 11, 2021 23:51

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Last month before the Met Gala, Shawn Mendes told his date Camila Cabello, "It's giving Cher," about her Met Gala "look." Since then, Stan Twitter has taken this clip for various memes and jokes. And yes, some at Mendes' own expense. But Shawn was a good sport when friend and TikToker Connor Wood (who?) posted a clip reciting the now infamous line, telling him that the beer they were drinking was, "kinda giving share Cher." Watch the clip below. Or don't.

I think we should all give a little more share @shawnmendes
♬ original sound - Connor Wood 🐸

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