"Succession" season 3 reviews are in, and....

Oct 04, 2021 16:47

...duh, it's near-universal acclaim.

Reviews are coming in for Succession Season 3, which has an early Metascore of *92* (Oct 17 on HBO): https://t.co/BYcws5bfix
"I can assure you that Succession easily leaps to its own very high bar." - Carol Midgley, The Times pic.twitter.com/CBA0zdMLSP
- metacritic (@metacritic) October 4, 2021

Empire - 5 stars

"If Season 2 was a significant step up from the first, this third series is so miraculously funny yet mind-blowingly intense, Succession feels like it’s now well on its way to reaching Sopranos, The West Wing, Mad Men-levels of excellence. We’re watching a TV show turn into pop-cultural artifact that future generations will study for myriad reasons, not least to understand how a family of super-wealthy cunts still manages to end up running things while tearing each other apart at the same time."

Guardian - 5 stars

"In the unlikely event that Succession’s devoted fans ever doubted him, they will be able to breathe a sigh of relief within minutes knowing that creator Jesse Armstrong has lost none of his mastery of the Roys and their world. Their appetites, their weaknesses, their multitudinous depths are all still there. All the pieces are still in play. It’s just that Kendall’s changed the game."

The Playlist - Grade A

"Most of all, “Succession” is crisper, funnier, and more confident than ever. It’s possible that this could be the season that some casual viewers realize that these people are not going to have redemption arcs-if anything, the writers seem to be underlining some of the Roys most awful traits to remind people that they’re not traditional “good guys”-but it’s hard to see too many fans jumping ship in season three. It may be rocky waters for the Roy family, but it’s smooth sailing for the show about them."

Rolling Stone - from noted Succession skeptic Alan Sepinwall

"As the characters keep regrouping in different locations and configurations of loyalty, there’s a risk that this could all start feeling repetitive or mechanical. But again and again, Armstrong and his collaborators keep things fresh by reminding us that spinelessness is the defining characteristic for so many of its regulars. (Even the domineering Logan can at times find himself paralyzed until he has a clearer sense of which direction the wind is blowing around him.)"

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Succession premieres October 17th on HBO (or HBOmax or whatever the hell)

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