Video of Urban Meyer in a compromising situation goes viral

Oct 03, 2021 17:01

Urban Meyer is a very successful college football coach. The last college team he coached was Ohio State, and he owns a restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. He now coaches the Jacksonville Jaguars, who are 0-4. They played the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday night in Cincinnati, and he used the trip to visit his restaurant on Friday. A Twitter account called @uh_oh_urban (which has been deleted) published this on Saturday:

Is this why Urban Meyer is trending? 😳
- Dude In Texas (@ChiefSVP) October 3, 2021

That's Urban in the shorts, but that's not his wife in the tank top.

His wife, Shelley, was at home with their grandkids. She's also been liking Tweets saying she's too good for Urban. But she also posts a bunch of anti-vaxx stuff on her twitter, so I don't feel too sorry for her.

Shelley Meyer is currently liking tweets saying Urban Meyer doesn’t deserve her…. And she’s still tweeting about corn. This is so chaotic.
- Kiara (@kiaradj_) October 3, 2021

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Sorry for the blah headline but "Urban Meyer gets a lapdance from a woman who isn't his wife" seemed too sensational.

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