19 (5) Badass Female Anime Characters Who Definitely Steal The Show

Sep 22, 2021 22:41

*this is a buzzfeed list, just so you gals know.

1. Mikasa Ackerman "Attack on Titan"
"A one-woman army and protective adopted sister to protagonist Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman of Attack on Titan is a powerful woman, plain and simple. Described as having prowess equal to a hundred ordinary soldiers and brilliant at her job, Mikasa, who ranked first out of all the cadets in the 104th Training Corps, is skilled and more than slightly terrifying."

4. Ochako Uraraka "My Hero Academia"
"My Hero Academia’s Ochako Uraraka's Zero Gravity quirk is a deceptively strong quirk that allows her to nullify the effects of gravity on a person or object, thus rendering them helpless. If her ability to lift three tons of weight from very big heights isn’t enough, she also has the martial arts strength to bring you down, even without her quirk."

7. Usagi Tsukino "Sailor Moon"
"Another average high school student with a powerful alter ego, Usagi Tsukino as Sailor Moon is the leader of the Sailor Senshi, a group of cosmic superheroes who guard the Earth from evil. With immeasurable, destructive power based on sound, healing, and love, Sailor Moon also happens to be the only Solar System Senshi immune to turning evil."

11. Major Motoko Kusanagi "Ghost in the Shell"
"The lead protagonist of the Ghost in the Shell franchise, Major Motoko Kusanagi is technologically and physically one of the most advanced cyborgs in pop culture history. A cyber brain specialist capable of controlling external humanoids and a fighter fast enough to intercept bullets, she’s as iconic as the series."

19. Kaguya Otsutsuki "Naruto"
"The very first wielder of chakra and later the Ten-Tails, Naruto’s Kaguya Otsutsuki has almost no weakness. The ultimate celestial being with the ability to control nature and read people’s thoughts, this fierce character is tough to beat."


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