Laika (Finally, officially) announces 'Wildwood' as its 6th Film

Sep 15, 2021 11:49

Laika Announces ‘Wildwood,’ Its Sixth Animated Feature
- - Animation News (@cartoonbrew) September 15, 2021

The Portland-based studio, run by Travis Knight (You know, Chilly T, the son of the creator of Nike) has not set a release date, but anyone who's been in animation circles for the past 4 years knew this was coming.

It's based off of a book apparently  -
Beyond Portland’s city limits lies Wildwood. You’re not supposed to go there. You’re not even supposed to know it exists.
But Prue McKeel is about to enter this enchanted wonderland.
Her baby brother Mac has been taken by a murder of crows into the forest’s depths, and she - along with her hapless classmate Curtis - is going to get him back.
Prue might think she’s too old for fairytales, but she’s just found herself at the center of one.

No release date yet.


Perfect, can't wait, we stan.