Kacey Musgraves’ New Boyfriend Cole Schafer Thinks We Can Learn a Lot About Productivity from Hitler

Sep 12, 2021 22:52

If you haven’t been following, country/pop singer Kacey Musgraves has been seeing writer Cole Schafer, with him appearing to confirm the relationship last month on her birthday.

Schafer writes poetry and prose under the pseudonym January Black while working as a copywriter under his own name. He publishes several newsletters including Sticky Notes, his newsletter for prospective copywriters.

In this week’s Sticky Notes, aspiring edgelord Schafer dares to ask what we can learn about productivity and time management from the ”high performing” dictator who managed to invade, capture and ethnically cleanse large sections of Europe within a few years, overseeing the murder of millions of people with a finely-tuned military strategy.

ONTD: Have you ever premised your career on the behaviour of a genocidal dictator?

Source This week’s Sticky notes, my eyeballs

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