OnlyOop: BBC investigation(s) likely catalyst for OnlyFans changes, expose moderation issues

Aug 19, 2021 22:44

earlier today we had a post about the drastic change in content parameters coming to OnlyFans (OF).

[tl;dr if you missed it]
once considered a major outlet for sex workers to share and be paid for their work and now a platform hosting A to D list celebs, the service announced that starting in October they would no longer host sexually explicit content (tho they would allow nudity) due to pressure from third party financial transaction companies.

there was much speculation about the reason for a sudden shift demanded by cc companies away from pornographic content.

was this fosta/sesta related?
was this a move to get sponsors on the site?
are they heading off a scandal?
was this fundie orgs and SWERF activists run amok?

something missing from the earlier post (no shade, stewie) was this quote from OF's statement to Variety:

"OnlyFans remains committed to the highest levels of safety and content moderation of any social platform. All creators are verified prior to being able to upload any content to OnlyFans, and all uploaded content is checked by automated systems and human moderators."

hmmm... why would OF bring this up?

Well, turns out BBC has exclusive leaked documents and anonymous info from employees showing major issues and inconsistencies in the moderation of content at OnlyFans, bringing to light new questions about the company's tolerance for abusive or exploitative content.  [CW going forward for non-graphic discussion of csa media and trafficking]

[just a couple details on the shit show tbh]
- despite their insistence of both meeting and exceeding international standards and regulations, the leaked internal documents show evidence of OF policies that instruct moderators to not delete and instead give multiple warnings to accounts posting illegal content, with even more leniency applied to the highest earning and most popular accounts.

- anonymous OF moderators have shared first hand examples of moderation being inadequate, such as not having a procedure in place for reporting suspected trafficking and foreign language accounts suffering from inadequate moderation due to a language barrier as well as inadequate proactive searching for illegal content

- - bbc tested the foreign language claim and made 2 subscriber accounts (one in french, one in german) where - tho unable to directly post as creators - they were able to have a subscriber profile where they explicity stated they were young teens and wanted to distribute photos of themselves. the profile stayed up until BBC brought it to OnlyFans attention after a week.

- - - this comes on the tails of a previous bbc investigation that found minors have easily circumvented OF's age verification process for creators.

- just... this incredible quote: "Despite being described as a 'compliance manual' in the header of each page of all versions of the 2021 document, OnlyFans says the documents [presented to them by BBC] are not manuals or 'official guidance'. The first document - from 2020 - has edits attributed to Tom Stokely, the company's chief operating officer."

OP definitely wonders if this part of the story will break through and how/if it could effect celebrity presence on the platform.

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