Our Lady Peace's Raine Maida busted on the streets of Saskatoon!.... for jaywalking

Aug 18, 2021 19:50

OLP's Raine Maida Busted In Saskatoon... For Jaywalking https://t.co/5Ozb67s2Hd
- iHeartRadio Canada (@iHeartRadioCA) August 16, 2021

The band's lead singer was fined $100 for violating Section 37 (1) of Bylaw 7200. It states that “a pedestrian shall not cross a street within one block from a traffic signal except at a crosswalk.”

He said his younger self would have fought the fine, but he's just happy to be performing again, so he will pay the $100.


ONTD, what was the last celebrity mugshot post we had?

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