David Lowery, Director of TGK, Shares Personal Connection To The Film

Jul 31, 2021 13:59

David Lowery discusses his own childhood influences and subsequent inspiration for this film (he is the child on the left in this picture). There aren't any spoilers below the cut or at the source if you want to read the whole note from him!

If you could hear us at the moment this photo was taken, I am fairly certain you’d have heard us humming James Horner’s Willow score in unison. That’s my brother Daniel, in the middle, and my friend Richard on the right. I’m on the left, wearing the tunic. I was eight years old, and right at the onset of a burgeoning fascination with medievalism. My mom kindled this interest, as she did with all of my passing fancies, helping me make a helmet and armor out of cardboard and papier-mâché, and organizing for my siblings and friends a medieval festival, which included a grand parade around the neighborhood and a feast of period-accurate cuisine that, if I recall correctly, included wassail and macaroni covered in apple sauce.

David Lowery on set of The Green Knight.


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