The lead singer of Dreamers has been impersonating Twitch streamer Ninja

Jul 30, 2021 13:00

Nick Wold, the lead singer of the alternative band Dreamers, has been getting into events and other celebrity type things way above his pay grade by pretending to be Ninja, a Twitch streamer who has almost 17 million followers. They're both tall white guys with shaggy blue hair, and nobody ever asks to see Nick's ID when he claims to be Ninja.

This is Nick:

And this is Ninja (with some cute dogs!):

Getting into a celebrity basketball game:

An Instagram artist with 16 million followers drew a picture of Nick after he hung around the artist's hotel lobby and had friends pretend to be Ninja fans:

He rented an SUV and called the paps to go to Saddle Ranch. People took pictures with him and he walked right in and got a table:

He got into Rolling Loud (I guess in Miami?) by saying he lost his ID and tagging along on Shaggy's golf cart:

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