Ryan Adams begs for a 'second chance'

Jul 29, 2021 12:24

“I know I’m damaged goods...I’m months from losing my label, studio and my home." https://t.co/wVFOZu1yz3
- Variety (@Variety) July 28, 2021

• In early 2019 the New Your Times published an expose on Adams. Multiple women, including ex-wife Mandy Moore and rising indie star Phoebe Bridgers, spoke about the abuse and sexual misconduct they suffered through during their relationship with Adams. The article also led to the FBI launching an investigation against Adams a few weeks later, due to allegations that he had engaged in sexually explicit conversations with an underage fan (the article states that no updates for the investigation have been reported publicly).

• Adams "apologized" in an open letter over a year later in July of 2020, and since then he has self-released two albums on his Pax Am label. One of those albums, Big Colors had been slated for a 2019 release but was pulled by Capitol Records after the NYT piece came out, and Adams was subsequently dropped. Websites that had been noted supporters of Adams music like Pitchfork and Stereogum did not review either albums and didn't even acknowledge their release. The albums failed to chart in the US. In comparison, his previous album, 2017s Prisoner hit number 8 on the Billboard 200 and landed on many year end 'best of' lists.

• In a series of now deleted Instagram post Adams lamented his inability to be signed by a label and asked for anyone to sign him: “I know I’m damaged goods. I know I am and they aren’t the ideal thing, but I had a label interested for months and they wasted my time. I’m months from losing my label, studio and my home. I just really want a second chance to make some music - maybe help other people believe you can get up out of the gutter and be something. I’m 46 and scared I’m gonna be living in my sisters basement. If you are a label and interested please let me know. Sent with love and humility. I already got dropped by Capitol twice. Maybe someone still cares. Please if someone takes a chance on me and this music I’ll bust my ass to support it. Sorry to sound desperate.”

• One post claims that he has several albums done, he just needs a record label's help in releasing them. He includes Blackhole, which he previously described as "the last record I made when I was on drugs" but now says that it's an album about his divorce from Mandy Moore. According to Variety this post included snippets of lyrics and a sound file.

• Adams went on to claim that he did not own his masters, and talked about finding a publisher to make coffee table books out of his handwritten lyrics to old material.

• Though many fans have now become ex-fans, those still left commented suggestions for Adams to turn to like crowd funding and Patreon instead of trying to find a new label.

• Adams made another Instagram post yesterday to denounce the Variety article. He noted that his publicist quit, and that he feels that they are exploiting his current situation, while ignoring his work.


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