Hardcore Porn is in the News because a Porn Company Bought the Domain of a defunct video service

Jul 22, 2021 16:41

NEW: Hardcore porn is embedded all over regular-ass websites because a porn company has purchased the domain of a popular, defunct video hosting site. https://t.co/UJSMEJ5vGX
- Motherboard (@motherboard) July 22, 2021

Say you are at work and are perusing the Washington Times. Instead of a video talking about some old news, you instead see some hardcore pornography.

No, you have not wandered onto the wrong website; A defunct vido hosting site domain has been brought by a porn company, and they're filling in those old, SFW news videos with their own creations.

A user did the Inspect Element shit so I didn't have to, and the old site was vid.me, now owned by....5 Star Porn. So places like WaPo, Huffington Post, New York Mag, and other normally non-pornographic news sites will give you more than you bargained for, for now.

Twitter hasn’t noticed but a now-defunct video hosting/advertising platform (VidMe) let their domain expire so it was purchased by a porn website, now there is NSFW porn all over the regular internet where their links were embedded lol

For example: https://t.co/UdPRFnq4EP
- DOXIE 🌻 (@dox_gay) July 22, 2021

🔔Be cautious if you're searching old news for some reason!
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This is the Vice spinoff website so idk if it's allowed mods. So I got another source from the person they mention in the article.

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