Billie Eilish Criticized For Selling Limited Ed “Hand-Painted” CDs of ‘Happier Than Ever’

Jul 22, 2021 13:05

Billie Eilish is being criticized for selling 'splatter-painted' CDs of her new album, 'Happier Than Ever.'
- Pop Crave (@PopCrave) July 22, 2021

Billie Eilish has infuriated some fans after announcing limited edition splatter-painted ‘Happier Than Ever’ CDs, “hand-painted” by Billie herself for $10. Many tweeted replies suggesting “she was too lazy to sign them,” among other things. The original tweet describes these masterpieces of art as “one-of-a-kind, no two are the same.” In the end, the CD’s sold out anyways so...

[Original Tweet]
Shop limited edition splatter-painted “Happier Than Ever” CDs, hand-painted by Billie, available in limited quantities now. Each album cover is one-of-a-kind, no two are the same.
- billie eilish (@billieeilish) July 21, 2021

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