The Kid Laroi ft Justin Bieber "Stay" tops the Rolling Stone chart

Jul 19, 2021 18:30

-Rolling Stone launched their top 100 chart in July of 2019, where unlike the Billboard Hot 100 that includes, radio airplay,Rolling Stone Charts only account for streaming and sales.

- Critics (Me) have pointed out that a chart that leans so heavily on streaming excludes over 200 million people without Internet access and genres such as R&B and Rock do much better on the radio then streaming ( Jazmine Sullivan's "Pick Up your feeling"still charts on the Hot 100, but can not be found on the Rolling Stone Chart), Plus Woman listen to male artist more then Men listen to female artist, so there are fewer woman outside of the very hottest (Cardi, Meg, Doja, Ariana) on a regular basis.Ed Sheeran is number 6.


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