New Emojis Coming This September to Unicode 14.0 Include a Pregnant Man and More

Jul 15, 2021 18:46

Note: Not every emoji you see here will make the cut.

Emojipedia recently shared a list of new potential emojis the Unicode Consortium will consider for final inclusion in Unicode 14.0. The emoji list includes a pregnant man, a melting smiley face, a disco ball, beans and a pointing finger in various skin tones. It should be noted that not every emoji you see above will make the cut. However, once the Unicode Consortium decides on a final candidate list in September, the approved emojis will make their way to your devices starting in late 2021 and throughout 2022.

You can cast your vote now for the proposed 14.0 emoji you most want to see approved here. The poll is non binding and results from the poll will be posted on World Emoji Day this Saturday, July 17.

🗓 When do new emojis come out?

🧑‍⚖️ Sep 2021: Final version of Emoji 14.0 to be released

🤷 Oct-Dec 2021: Earliest some phones might support it

📲 First half of 2022: When a majority of platforms will get new emojis, based dates from the previous release
- Emojipedia 📅 (@Emojipedia) July 15, 2021

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