6 (3) Sexy British Men That Will Age Like E.T. On His Deathbed

Jul 13, 2021 13:41

“British men can be sexy for a certain part of their adult lives, but as we’ve seen with several heartthrobs throughout modern history, they can also age like milk sitting in the sun,” writes the source. “Here are six sexy [LensCrafters appointment and citation needed] white British men who will undoubtedly age like E.T., gray and sickly, laying on his deathbed.”

Note: These are NOT OP’s own words, but belong to the troll author.

Tom Hiddleston is super hot, especially when he’s playing Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But he’ll be even more pale and bitter in about 30 years, when his skin will be translucent and flakey, just like E.T. during his last dying breaths.

This man has us all watermelon sugar high (whatever that means)! But hopefully he doesn’t keep wearing dangly earrings for long, because pretty soon his ears will probably fall off, leaving him an earless, boney, wrinkly creature like our beloved E.T!

Andrew Garfield is so hot that he’s got our spidey senses tingling! The only problem is that his long elegant neck will probably be the only thing on his body that doesn’t sag in an insane way, just like our favorite extra-terrestrial!

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Or don’t.


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