Verhoeven's "Benedetta" (aka the movie about the horny nuns) premiered at Cannes

Jul 10, 2021 19:42

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In the late 17th century, with plague ravaging the land, Benedetta Carlini joins the convent in Pescia, Tuscany, as a novice. Capable from an early age of performing miracles, Benedetta’s impact on life in the community is immediate and momentous.

and people liked it:

Just watched Paul Verhoeven’s lesbian-nun drama BENEDETTA, or “Forgive Me, Father, For I Have Scissored.” I mean… the nuns whittle a Virgin Mary dildo, let’s just say that
- Kyle Buchanan (@kylebuchanan) July 9, 2021

there’s a sex scene and everyone applauded while two old ladies sitting in front of me walked out i love cannes so much i really do
- iana murray (@ianamurray) July 9, 2021

Cannes is currently doling out classic cunnilingus scenes at a rate of *one per day*. The festival said it’s time for cinema to be horny again: #Cannes2021
- Robbie Collin (@robbiereviews) July 9, 2021

BENEDETTA (Verhoeven): CHAOTIC Sensual Cinema. Its bawdiness invigorates what could’ve been another dour, holier-than-thou take on religious history, and I’m all for defiant nuns putting the Church in its place. Why shouldn’t Catholicism get its own SHOWGIRLS?
- Isabel Sandoval (@Isabelvsandoval) July 10, 2021

here’s my take on Paul Verhoeven’s deranged lesbian nunsploitation movie Benedetta, which is like if Showgirls took place during the plague:
- rachel handler (@rachel_handler) July 9, 2021

well not everyone:

BENEDETTA is as much of a misfire as a Paul Verhoeven movie about horny 17th century nuns could possibly be, which is to say that it’s just fine (and quite dull by the end).

My #cannes review:
- david ehrlich (@davidehrlich) July 9, 2021

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