Jun 16, 2021 16:51

[Full video. I strongly recommend you watch our bf] https://instagram.com/p/CQMlpstJJjo

- Ariel Versace interviewed ONTD Boyfriend™ Rafael Silva and he talks about how Pride for him is about celebrating people who can't be without us and fought for us to have our freedom.
- ONTD Boyfriend™ Rafael Silva says one of his biggest takeways from his role in 9-1-1: Lone Star has been representing LGBTQI+ and latino people.
- ONTD Boyfriend™ Rafael Silva talks about how important LGBTQI+ education in public schools to make kids more tolerant and promote visibility.
- ONTD Boyfriend™ Rafael Silva talks about how important it is to have more LGBTQI+ people of color in writing teams, and behind the camera to tell those stories.

the tarlos blooper if it had the music in the back pic.twitter.com/C7TLMVMGyE
- kat | #RafaelSilvaDeservesBetter (@reycstrand) June 15, 2021

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ONTD, Has Jeremy Renner ever delivered as much grace, intelligence and deliciousness as Rafael?

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