Did Salma Hayek just confirmed ONTD's fave [SPOILER] role in Marvel Studios 'ETERNALS'?

Jun 15, 2021 19:51

- Salma Hayek may have revealed a bit too much. Today she was on [Trigger warning]Ugh Ellen and revealed that a famous celeb she was working with [but wouldn't name] loved her recently adopted owl until he regurgitated a ball of rat hair on him. Later she revealed the celeb was [Spoiler (click to open)]Harry Styles.
- If the recent Eternal leaks are true, he's rumoured to appear in an Eternals post credits scene as [Spoiler (click to open)]Starfox, Thanos brother and Thena (Angelina Jolie)'s cousin.
- Eternals premieres this November.

During an Ellen interview, Salma Hayek discussed a recent time her pet owl threw up on a celebrity.

She later revealed it was Harry Styles and said she hope she doesn’t get into any trouble for revealing who it was. He has been rumored to secretly be playing Starfox. pic.twitter.com/ZE1FNh4Q22
- ETERNALS (@Eternalsupdate) June 15, 2021

Salma Hayek says Harry Styles was "super cool" about the situation. https://t.co/IPFvoyAP74
- Entertainment Weekly (@EW) June 15, 2021

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ONTD, what do you think about [spoiler] playing [spoiler]?

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