Apple's latest update has ruined their podcast app and people are mad

Jun 15, 2021 11:44

"Apple’s latest update completely ruined the app’s UX and destroyed my painstakingly curated podcast library."
- Fast Co. Creativity (@FastCoCreative) June 11, 2021

-The iOS 14.5 update has restructured the podcasts app to look like Apple Music
-If you download an episode, it will show up under Downloads, not with the rest of the podcasts you're subscribed to
-Gone are the days of "subscribing" - now you must "follow" a podcast
-You can't delete a podcast, it only disappears if you mark it as read
-The internet is mad and threatening to switch to Spotify
-This OP has had to click around several times to find episodes that have been downloaded (if that's what they even do now)


Should have left my phone at home because this is a disaster!

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