17 Fictional Men Who Are Straight Up Garbage Human Beings

Jun 08, 2021 23:31

This is a buzzfeed list.

5 out of 17.

2. Coach from New Girl.
"I never found him funny at all and thought he was a pointless character addition. The other three guys were much, much better fits for the show! Coach was just so random and didn’t fit in at all. I still can’t stand watching episodes with him."

5. Owen Hunt from Grey's Anatomy.
"He started off hating Cristina for not wanting children and then hated Amelia for the same thing. He even made Teddy feel like shit for doing the same exact things he’s done in the past. He is selfish and never sees his own faults. 'Everyone has to grow but Owen. Everyone should be sorry except Owen."

8. Anthony Bridgerton from Bridgerton.
"First he was like the protective older brother, but it got old really, really fast. He was soooo entitled and treated everyone like dirt...a yucky character."

12. Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl.
"The worst part is how everyone romanticizes him. He tried to sexually assault Jenny in the very first episode. He also traded Blair for a hotel and broke a window trying to punch Blair when she didn’t want to be with him anymore."

17. And finally, Will Schuester from Glee.
"At first I thought he was the cool teacher we all wanted in school, but as the series progressed, I realized he was kind of weird and creepy."


what tv-characters do you hate??

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