The One Where the Eps talk Friends regrets

May 27, 2021 18:19

"We were lucky we got to have an audience," exec producer/director Kevin Bright says. "The show is good, that’s what we’re happy about. Ben Winston did a terrific job. But COVID ruined and put a damper on the warm and fuzzy part of this reunion"
- The Hollywood Reporter (@THR) May 27, 2021

-If you don't know...the Friends reunion was released today on HBO Max

-Creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane along with exec producer/director Kevin Bright talked to THR about some regrets they had with the series.

-Due to COVID protocols they had to make some changes to the reunion and werent able to really have an intimate sit down with the cast and thus the James Cordon giant outside waterfall interview was created.

-Nancy McKeon of The Facts of Life fame was a possible choice for Monica had Courtney Cox not worked out.

-They want to bring Friends to 4k

-There was no intention to have an all white cast and if the show were made today it would certainly be diverse but they have no regrets with the 6 actors that ultimately got chosen for the roles as it was lightning in a bottle.

-Marta Kauffman does feel guilty for participating in a system where there was a lack of POC in the show.

-They couldn't do the same pilot as they did originally due to how much society has changed. Particularly with social media, the characters would spend more time on the phone than actually talking to each other.

-While they love having the first lesbian wedding on tv, they do regret not telling the story from their perspective and would be one of the few episodes where they wouldn't tell the story from the main Friends perspectives.

-The cast fought them on the Rachel/Joey romance.


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