Miles Heizer comes out for Coach

May 27, 2021 20:17

Actor Miles Heizer (13 Reasons Why) comes out for Coach's new Pride is Where You Find It campaign.

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Miles has been dating fellow Netflix actor Connor Jessup (Locke & Key) for over two years. Miles has previously been linked to his 13 Reasons Why co-star Brandon Flynn.

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therearewords May 27 2021, 19:56:31 UTC
ONTD, how do you feel about rainbow capitalism? Same I feel about rainbrow-free capitalism.


therearewords May 27 2021, 20:29:08 UTC

Woke corporaties tijdens pride
- Memes voor de Massa's (@MemesvdMassas) May 27, 2021

National supermarket: "No matter how you identify, minimal wage and crap treatment for you!"
Shell: "We don't discriminate, an unlivable planet for everyone!"
Unilever: "We don't look at sexuality, only profit!"

Rainbow products and services are so uninspired and ugly all the time always anyway.


fernandocolunga May 27 2021, 21:55:45 UTC
Super inclusive tbh


allmylines May 27 2021, 20:00:20 UTC

everyone please leave the drama at home this pride. do not embarrass us in front of the wells fargo representatives
- giabuchi lastrassi (@jaboukie) May 21, 2021

i am excited about the RETURN of pride this year (in a more low-key fashion ofc) though the rainbow capitalism definitely makes me feel icky.

i am also a firm believer in NO COPS AT PRIDE.


fernandocolunga May 27 2021, 21:55:13 UTC
Lmao not Wells Fargo


jirisuomesta May 27 2021, 20:02:02 UTC
good for him. I thought he was out for years now.


tragedyofempty May 28 2021, 04:25:37 UTC
okay thank you me too. i read this and was like 'wait this is news? wasn't he already out?'


t_snake May 27 2021, 20:03:03 UTC
I'm really grateful pride is a thing, and grateful that I only had to endure disgusted mob throwing bags of (dog, I hope) poo at me. Things are getting better society is more accepting and for that I'm grateful.

Do I like companies trying to take my queer coins w rainbow stuff? Only if it's a company that actually gives back, so basically no. Do I love being drunk at pride w rainbow colour on and trying to flirt w the cute girls I see? Hell yeah.

Point is fuck the big companies. Buy your rainbow stuff at local lgbtqi+ friendly shops. Be proud.


yussamahal May 27 2021, 20:05:20 UTC
Wasn't he out already? I'm confused.

how do you feel about rainbow capitalism?

I find the rainbow in general tacky. But I do own a t-rex unicorn tanktop because I thought it was funny.


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