The (5) Most Iconic Scammers of the Internet Age

May 19, 2021 19:09

Scammers are having a moment. From podcasts to TV shows, everybody seems fascinated by the crimes of hustlers, scammers, bamboozlers, hoodwinkers, frauds, and grifters.

Nylon named the most iconic scammers of the internet age, so let's go:

Elizabeth Holmes

Amazingly, Holmes managed to con generals, doctors, and the former Secretary of State into investing in her unscientific blood-testing venture. Jennifer Lawrence is allegedly set to play her in a film adaptation.

The Original Bling Ring

A group of teenagers that included reality star Alexis "29 dollars!" Neiers that stole more than $3 million from various celebrities. Sophia Coppola even made a film about them starring Emma Watson.

Anna Sorokin

Anna Sorokin chose the fake name Anna Delvey to steal from banks, socialites, and a Vanity Fair staffer. There are dueling projects by Shonda Rimes and Lena Dunham about Delvey.

Billy McFarland

The notorious founder of the Fyre Festival conned attendees and models alike into believing in a fake music festival. Both Netflix and Hulu have in-depth documentaries about his fraud.

Caroline Calloway

Caroline still insists that she is not a scammer, even though she took a bunch of money in exchange for not throwing a promised retreat, not writing a book, and secretly using a ghost writer.

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