Lucie Arnaz settles the Nicole Kidman vs. Debra Messing casting choice in Lucy/Desi biopic

Apr 30, 2021 07:02

Since ONTD has been wondering what on earth production was thinking with these casting choices....

Lucie Arnaz, Lucy and Desi Arnaz's daughter, addressed this topic in two posts from her official facebook page.

In this first video post back in January, Lucie addressed specifically why Nicole Kidman was chosen over Debra Messing:

In a Second Post in April, Lucie explains in more detail why Nicole Kidman was the agreed upon casting choice between her and director, Aaron Sorkin

TL;DR of video/2nd post for people who are not in the mental space to watch a video or want to be on FB:
  • Nicole Kidman is an award-winning actress who can do both comedy and drama & makes "box office gold"
  • Aaron Sorkin considered "acting chops and essence of the person" when it came to the casting. It's not about who can do the best "I Love Lucy" impression or who looks the most like Lucy.
  • This movie portrays Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz at a certain point in time of their marriage. This movie is NOT about impersonating "Lucy Ricardo and Ricky Ricardo"
  • This movie is NOT a remake of the "I Love Lucy" show.
  • "If one has not seen a script for a film, how can they begin to know whether an actor would be right for a part -even if they had the talent and experience to make such a decision?"   - (lol ok Lucie. we're still entitled to our clearly wrong opinion, thx.)
If you wanna read between the lines, Debra Messing's name and resume don't have the prestige that Nicole does for this kind of movie. It seems like she's just viewed as a "Lucy Ricardo" impersonator. They want this movie about Lucy/Desi's marriage to be taken seriously and Nicole Kidman has the gravitas to do that.

ONTD, who DOES have the range to play Lucille Ball? Do y'all even know what you're talking about if you haven't seen the script?

Edit 1: changed "brings big numbers to box office" to "makes box office gold" because that's closer to what was said in the source post. Lucie meant that Nicole's movies are generally successful. She wasn't specifically talking about how much money Nicole's movies make. My apolgies for the confusion.


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