Mads Mikkelsen says him and Hugh Dancy almost kissed for final Hannibal scene

Apr 20, 2021 18:20

Mads Mikkelsen Admits He Got Very Close to Kissing Hugh Dancy During Final #Hannibal Scene
- IndieWire (@IndieWire) April 20, 2021

-Mads Mikkelsen is stirring the pot and saying he and Hugh Dancy thought about kissing in one of the takes for the final scene in Hannibal. Both were all in on the kiss between Hannibal and Will but Bryan Fuller thought it would "hit the nail on the head too much".
-He knows how many fans wanted a kiss to happen and that it's been a subject of "homoerotic fan art" but they didn't want to make the relationship physical. ( lest we forget he has read the erotic fanfics and enjoyed them "tremendously")
-He says he would love to go back and do one final season despite how hard working on the show was.

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lmao he's such a troll

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