Allure magazine beauty issue features three different cover stars

Apr 16, 2021 18:24

This year’s Best of Global Beauty issue features three different cover stars with profiles in five different languages. Each one is among the planet's most exciting musical forces, and gave Allure a window into the culture that inspires their work - and their approach to beauty.
- Allure (@Allure_magazine) April 15, 2021

K-pop star CL.
“I think to some people I’m a K-pop artist. To some people I’m a pop star, to some people I’m a sister or a friend.”

Musician Tiwa Savage. (OP note-Excuse says she is FORTY-ONE. I would have guessed early to mid twenties.)

“When I started my career I wasn’t embracing who I was fully yet because I was just trying to crack into the market. My first two singles were very American and it wasn’t very African. But then, as time went on, I just started seeing how powerful my platform was and how mothers would say, ‘My little girl really looks up to you’.”

Singer Anitta.

“Either my fans are going to know the truth, like that I am full of plastic surgery, or they are going to know that I am a liar.It’s not that I don’t accept myself. I do accept myself, but I enjoy changing.” Per the article-The plastic surgeries began when she was 20 and include multiple breast reductions, rhinoplasty, and jawline reshaping.

ONTD, which is your fave cover of the three?
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