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scriptedending April 15 2021, 18:27:55 UTC
I'm confused about the Chadwick doc only being available for 30 days, but I'll definitely check it out. And both Monday and We Broke Up look kind of cute, and I like the actors in them, so those are potential watches.

Think we might go see a movie next week (once my husband hits full vaccination power) for the first time since March of 2020. I don't mind wearing a mask, and I can't deal with more theaters shutting down - losing Arclight has been making me depressed all fucking week. With the public outcry being what it is, I really hope they find a way to reopen.

Just rewatched Black Panther in our Marvel rewatch... the last act is still blah compared to the first two, but the world-building is excellent, and I always forget just how many big names are in it... so many!

Been watching GBBO seasons out of order all quarantine, and we are on our last one... S6 (as labeled in Netflix, but I think it's actually S9). It's a bummer that the best bakers have been dudes this go round, but Kim-Joy is super cute! Love all her little cats and beautiful piping. In the most recent episode I watched, [Spoiler (click to open)]Terry and Karen went home in the same episode, and I was delighted bc they were SO bad compared to everyone else and watching them fuck up their bakes was stressful. But then I found out Terry's wife had died and felt bad. :/


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