Youtuber Casey Aonso explores the evolution of influencer music.

Apr 14, 2021 20:57

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"Today we’re back with another exploring the world of video! If you’ve been on youtube for a bit you’ve probably noticed the trend of youtubers (and now in general, influencers) releasing music. Whether it’s spoof parodies, joke songs attached to skits from videos, diss tracks or songs that are meant to be taken seriously as original music, there are a TON of examples online of influencers trying to becomes singers, rappers or performers beyond the platforms they initially became famous off of. It feels like now more than ever though that influencers are dropping songs all over the place so considering all those new releases I thought it would be fun to look into the whole phenomenon and try to figure out why regardless of most of the songs getting panned by the general public, trying out a music career is still a super popular path that a lot of influencers decide to take.

SO in today’s video we’ll be looking at a general timeline of influencer music, from back when influencer music was just “youtuber music” i.e people like Troye Sivan, Venetian Princess, Shane Dawson, Ryan Higa, Bart Baker and Jake Paul to present day where it’s better described as influencer music considering creators from other platforms like Addison Rae, Dixie Damelio and Lil Huddy from Tik Tok have been attracting a ton of attention for their own recent releases that haven’t just gotten online attention but also some decent traditional promo as well on different talk shows- something a lot of youtubers haven’t been able to pull off even though they’ve been releasing music for a lot longer." - Casey Aonso


are there any youtuber/influencer songs you like??

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