Arclight & Pacific Theaters to Close Permanently; Celebs React

Apr 13, 2021 09:09

Arclight Cinemas, Pacific Theatres Will Close Permanently
- Variety (@Variety) April 13, 2021

Yesterday, the ownership of Arclight and Pacific Theaters made a statement that they were closing permanently due to the pandemic. Arclight has a handful of theaters in cities across the country, and Pacific Theaters has over 300 screens in California.

From the statement: “This was not the outcome anyone wanted, but despite a huge effort that exhausted all potential options, the company does not have a viable way forward.”

Arclight has some of the most prominent movie theaters in Los Angeles, with the Cinerama Dome and Arclight Hollywood routinely hosting film premieres and Q&As. They are some of the busiest theaters in the country on any given weekend, with Arclight Hollywood being one of the most notable homes for limited releases in LA.

It has been noted that this could be a hardball lease renegotiation tactic, and/or that another company will pick up the leases and reopen the theaters. But that is TBD.

Because the theater chain was so central to filmmaking and Los Angeles, the news inspired a lot of celebrity reactions.

🥺 Well this sucks. Every single person who worked at the Arclight loved movies, and you felt it. Sending love to every usher, manager and projectionist who rocked that blue shirt and made it such a special place.
- Rian Johnson (@rianjohnson) April 13, 2021
Rian Johnson

Devastating. Too many losses to process. It's just too much... At some point when I'm less upset, I'll tell you guys a funny story about my first time meeting Quentin Tarantino in the lobby of Hollywood Arclight.
- Lulu Wang (@thumbelulu) April 13, 2021
Lulu Wang

This is so painful. The Arclight is my go-to. Clean, great sound, assigned stadium seating, great popcorn, usher movie introductions. A true movie-going experience. 🤬
- Gina Prince-Bythewood (@GPBmadeit) April 13, 2021
Gina Prince-Bythewood

Arclight forever.
Spent a whole decade seeing films in this temple of cinema and was so fucking lucky to have our film there right before Covid. Cinema don’t die 💔 We need you.
- Alma Har'el🌪 עלמה (@Almaharel) April 13, 2021
Alma Har'el

I have so many great and proud memories of the Arclight and Pacific Theatres, (the Dome, Arclight Hollywood, The Americana and Grove too). But I don’t want to post my thoughts in the past tense as I don’t want to write an obituary. My first thought was, what can be done to help?
- edgarwright (@edgarwright) April 13, 2021
Edgar Wright

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